Employer Referral Services

Let us help you find the right staff for you. We are a free referral service.  We can contact our talent pool on your behalf or you can come and see our students in action and interview them after class. 

Specify your job description

Complete the form below detailing your employment needs. We will email our talent pool your job description and they will apply directly to you.

Work Hours

Preferred Skills

About our candidates:

We will only refer candidates that:

  • Hold Current RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) & Food Handlers Certificate
  • Attended at least 5 sessions of our courses
  • Hold trainer endorsed skills that match your pre-selected requirements


If you would like to see our students in action and recruit directly, we allow employers to attend simulated service sessions. We will provide you time to interview all students and select suitable candidates. 

Please ensure students employment arrangements comply with relevant award and national employment standards.
We are referring students, not a recruitment company, there is no charge for our student referrals!







Employers we work with