If I am currently studying university, does that affect my eligibility for government funding?

No, if you have not completed the university course then you should still be eligible assuming you meet the other eligibility requirements. 

Do you do distance or online learning?

All our classes are based on face-to-face training sessions, however our blended model includes online training reducing the face-to-face hours. Hospitality skills cannot be taught fully online or in a book.

If I am transferring from another RTO that has been shut down, do I get credit?

If you are transferring from another registered training organisation (RTO) that has been shut down please get copies of your results and records so we can provide Credit Transfer and/or RPL. If you can’t get copies of your assessments and results please contact the governing body the RTO was registered with. This will be ASQA or the VRQA. If the RTO was registered with ASQA you can to apply for access to your records. If the RTO was registered with VRQA  please visit this page Verification of student records  


If my university timetable changes can I swap classes?

Yes, we are very flexible. We just need to find a class that is up to the same week/class as you. You may need to wait a week or so to find the right class. 

Will you find me work?

We cannot guarantee jobs. However we regularly have employers ask to hire our students.   If you come to class, complete your assessments and genuinely try hard, we will do our best to help you find a job for you. 

Do I need a Food Handlers Certificate and RSA to be a bar tender?

You will need an RSA to legally serve alcohol in Victoria. While it is not a legal requirement to hold your Food handlers certificate,  many employers may require you to obtain it, and you will be more employable if you have one.

Our bar tending, cocktail and coffee making courses are all included in the Certificate IV Hospitality along with the RSA and Food Handlers.