Our Service Standards

Support For Students


Students need to attend a class each week for the duration of face to face classes. Trainers are available for questions and additional help is offered at the end of class. Any queries sent to trainers by students via email will be answered within two business days. Submitted assessments will be marked by the trainer according to the marking guidelines. An email will be sent and help offered via a one on one session with a trainer for assessments deemed not yet competent. 

Student Support Services Officer 

One on one sessions are available with our student support services officer who is a qualified trainer and assessor. This representative is available for students to work through any assessments they need help with, post completion of face to face classes or needing additional explanation about a particular assessment after attending the class. Students have free access to this service and are able to make as many appointments as they need.

Office Administration Team

The administration team located at our head office Unit 39/617-643 Spencer St, West Melbourne, Vic 3003, Melbourne are available from Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (public holiday excluded) for any queries the student may have in relation to their class or course. The team are always willing to assist as much as we can.

Entry Requirements & Induction

During our enrolment process, students are required to complete a Pre-Training review. This document outlines the literacy and numeracy requirements necessary to complete the courses offered. This form will also determine their digital literacy. As part of the enrolment process the trainer/assessor will mark this document and assess the student’s eligibility to complete the course on the day of enrolment. The pre- training review will indicate if they need additional learning requirements.

Your course assessments are handed out by your trainer in class time. There is a downloadable handbook available to assist students with course material. As of 1st March, some qualifications will require the use of Canvas (our new online learning platform). Students will be able to contact their trainer via the program or call the office if they require any assistance in navigating through this program. 

An internet connection is required to operate Canvas. Students are to complete this study at home in their own time however access to free wifi on our campus is available along with laptops for use upon request. Students are able to bring their own devices if they wish.

Learning Materials

There are a number of ways in which our course material is presented including:

  • Interactive role plays
  • Class discussions
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Guided content (face-to-face teaching and online)

This ensures we cover all of the different learning styles.

Student Engagement

If a student is absent for a class they will be emailed by our office with directions on how to make up the class missed. There is a timetable accessible to students on our website however students are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their trainer and the office if they are unable to attend class. We aim to make it as easy as possible for students to complete the course by ensuring regular contact regarding their course progression.

Regular, detailed feedback is given by trainers in class to students in relation to their class participation and assessments. 

Mode and Method of Assessment

  • Written (includes short answer multiple choice, projects and case studies)
  • Practical simulation/demonstration/role plays
  • Oral questions
  • Online (students may be required to complete assessments online) 

There is a written assessment for every unit of competency that will need to be completed at home. Some assessments will cover multiple units. The assessments required for each unit are listed on each student training plan.

Trainers and Assessors

All trainers and assessors working for Serve it Up hold a formal qualification in Training and assessment. 

Each trainer is required to complete regular professional development which is tracked by our organisation.