The coffee culture in Melbourne is among the most iconic in the world. Driven by our mix of cultural influences, the coffee here is unique, and an entire infrastructure has risen to feed our thirsty citizens their morning brew.

Creating these particular coffees correctly, however, is not as easy as it looks. There are subtleties at work, the successful application of which ensure that your cappuccino, flat white, or short black macchiato is up to the standard we have come to expect here.

At Serveitup, we are offering barista courses for Melbourne’s aspiring masters of the bean. Our trainers bring years of experience behind the counter, and they can offer you the skills and training you need to succeed in this industry. Whether you are just starting out as a barista, or a seasoned veteran, you can learn plenty for our courses.

Our barista course in Melbourne offers:

  • Up-to-date training on both classic and new coffee-making equipment
  • A comprehensive rundown of the different types of brews
  • Basic grinding, roasting, and maintenance training
  • Industry and consumer insights from experienced staff.

The service industry is among the biggest employers of young people today, and can lead upwards to bigger and better roles within hospitality. If you’re looking to get started, a barista course in Melbourne from Serveitup can offer you the advantage you’ve been looking for to get started the right way. Contact us today, and get started!