“I may be bias; however, I can truly state my experience in hospitality, plus the hospitality and leadership courses I have completed has helped me in all aspects of my life and business career”

“You may only want to work in hospitality for a few years, whilst studying or looking for other work, but don’t undervalue the transferrable skills you will learn”

“Not only am I a hit at parties with espresso martinis and cheese platters, the skills I learned have helped me to set up multiple businesses, including this registered training organisation – Serve It Up”.

Listed below are 10 top reasons why I think a course and job in hospitality will set you up for life:

  1. The cocktails, food and beverage knowledge (my boyfriend is very happy that I obtained these skills) your next boss will be impressed when you use these skills.
  2. How to manage a team and work with people. Hospitality is a high-stressed and fast-paced environment. The ability to work as a team and individually is a necessary, one that is valuable in all businesses.
  3. How to set up a business; council and legislative requirements, these have similar foundations for all business types.
  4. How to write a business plan and manage finances within a budget.
  5. How to comply with WHS requirements.
  6. Customer service and handling complaints, in hospitality you will be exposed to more complaints than most other industries.
  7. Ability to learn new technologies and reporting capabilities.
  8. Diplomacy and patience.  Having been exposed to many customers from differing backgrounds and expectations, you learn the art of handling people the right way without antagonising them. You grow a thick skin and become resilient, you are less likely to blow up in tricky or stressful situations. Traits highly sort after in all industries.
  9. Efficiency and organisation. Seriously, this is my key to running my businesses. My life revolves around tasks set up on my computer. People think I have a great memory, but really, I just set reoccurring tasks and prioritise these daily.
  10. Multitasking ability. This is the most important skill of all, along with efficiency and organisation.  From serving several customers at once, to resolving complaints, managing the timing with the kitchen, checking stock levels and more. These skills make you stand out in a crowd, give you more hours and move up the ranks.

Plus, I have made amazing connections from the customers I’ve met. You never know the next person you serve may be your future employer. When you impress them with your service they will remember you.

Want to open the door to the world? Enrol in one of our Certificate IV Government Funded Hospitality courses. We have a standalone SIT40416 Certificate IV in Hospitality, or a Dual Qualification SIT40416 Cert IV Hospitality plus BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

If you are eligible for government funding (Skills First Program), you will not incur any course fees. Included in the courses is SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol (RSA), SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety (Food Handlers RSF), HLTAID003 – Provide first aid and HLTAID001 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (First Aid), or you can book into these separately.

All our hospitality courses are delivered in Melbourne in our CBD campuses. We also have a brand new café and function space opening in late 2018, which will be run by our students – Hunters and Disciples is located at 617 Spencer Street, Melbourne.

If you are looking to set-up your own business, whether hospitality or something else, I recommend this read by Gina Ezard. “Open for Business: A grass roots guide for hospitality start-ups”,