Did you know?

The hospitality industry is the single biggest employer of young and inexperienced workers. You can get fined over $215,000 breaching the OHS Act 2004. This includes failing to take reasonable steps to prevent and address bullying as well as other workplace
safety! For not having an ‘if you are injured poster’ up in your workplace a body corporate can get fined over $30,000.
  Due Diligence might be your only defense when it comes to proving you maintained a
duty of care. How can you prove due diligence? Training your staff and setting up systems and procedures that they can follow. And by designing a detailed induction manual and induction process!
If your staff member does not have an up-to-date RSA and they have been working with you over one month, you can get fined a maximum of $8,450.  Many small businesses have no emergency first aid or only a first aid kit, a first aid kit does not resuscitate, one needs a trained first aider.   “When I was 22 I was stabbed by
a needle cleaning a seat in a cinema, I did
not wear PPE and did not take it seriously.
I now truly understand the importance of
workplace safety training and proper
induction processes.” Amy Hickman,
CEO of Serve It Up.
OHS   Food Safety   Liquor Licensing
OHS You must consult with employees directly on OHS, and have a nominated senior management responsible for OHS. Have evacuation plan displayed Have a documented OHS policy and procedure for identify & reporting hazards. Keep an incident register  & provide PPE.     Food Safety Your staff must be trained in food safety. This does not have to be an accredited course. It is good practice to ensure everyone who handles food at least receives oral or written instruction about food hygiene. If you are class 1 or 2 venue you MUST have a Food Safety Supervisor and MUST complete the required records.     Liquor Licensing Your staff serving alcohol must have up-to-date
 (refreshed every 3 years)
Victorian RSA certificate Your business must  have required signs, licenses displayed. You must have on site (all staff should know where it is) red line plan and RSA register.  
Equal Employment Opportunity   Bullying   First Aid
Equal Employment Opportunity Under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010, employers have a positive duty to take reasonable and proportionate measures to eliminate discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation.
Create an equal opportunity policy and educate your staff. Train an equal opportunity contact officer and know your dispute resolution procedures.  
  Bullying Is very prevalent in our industry and you need to ensure you take it seriously. Remember the cafe in Hawthorn….. the company that ran the Cafe, was convicted and fined $220,000 after it and the four defendants pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrates Court to failing to take reasonable care for the health and safety of persons.  You need a detailed policy and procedure to follow if it does occur.     First Aid If you have a kitchen you are most likely categorised as a ‘high risk’ workplace and should have at least one first aid trained staff member and adequate first aid supplies. Hospitality is a high risk injury, drunken incidents, choking, allergic reactions, fights etc occurs every day. Having your staff first aid trained could save a life, maybe even yours! This information provided is for guidance only, regulations might differ depending on your business needs.