Melbourne’s bar and pub culture is among the most redeeming elements of this fair city, and it has done nothing but grow stronger over recent years. The country’s second-largest city offers an enormous assortment of establishments, catering to any taste, so it is no surprise that it is among the most prolific employers of young people.

bartending and cocktail course in Melbourne offers you the chance to put that extra element on your resume. It can make you stand above other applicants with similar experience, and can allow you to pick and choose your eventual workplace, coworkers, and districts. Regardless of your degree of experience, a cocktail or bartending course lends you new skills to add to your repertoire.

Our courses offer:

  • In-depth operations training
  • Mixing and pairing basics
  • The master of several cocktails from an experienced expert
  • Industry insights from our expert staff

At Serveitup, our involvement in the hospitality industry goes back many years, and we have prepared thousands of people for a rewarding, long-lasting career in this industry. Entrepreneurs are realising the growth potential of this sector, and their efforts have led to more and more offshoots from the classic interpretation of the Victorian pub. Now, you can find everything from a basic sports bar to a 1930s speakeasy here. There is truly something for everyone.

If you’re interested in joining this burgeoning industry, contact Serveitup, and get qualified with a bartending or cocktail course in Melbourne today.