The Serve It Up Mnemonic designed to help emerging leaders remember 8 key Leadership skills that will help when leading their team



Managers should communicate more purposeful clear messages daily

Motivating Þ Find out what motivates each individual, don’t assume Þ Engage your staff Þ Encourage Participation Þ Recognition & Reward Þ Team & Individual Rewards Þ Develop cohesion , commitment & cooperation   Setting an example Þ Establish a clear vision & plan Þ Chip In Þ Be visible Þ Show integrity, respect & empathy Þ Show cultural sensitivity and promote trust Þ Do what you Say!  
Communicating Þ LISTEN!!!!!!! Þ Clear, Concise & Open Þ Use the right medium for the right person & message Þ Send the message at the right time Þ Check they understand Þ Follow – up   Mentoring Þ Challenge and encourage others to think through issues and solve the problems themselves Þ Teach others to use initiative Þ Be a source of wisdom Þ Long term guidance  
Problem Solving Þ See the opportunity in every problem Þ Don’t avoid problems Þ Manage poor performance   Developing Þ The individual & the team Þ Be supportive Þ Need to build trust and confidence as a leader Þ Networks can help build further relations